Motorcycle Santa, made me sit on his knee… by G∇RNT∑∀⨇
December 24, 2009, 9:11 pm
Filed under: Celebrating life, Crack Stevens, Flicks

It’s mid summer in B’town and my buddy at work tells me she is going to work in a Grotto just before christmas. like full on grotto, elves, making toys, up a mountain in Switzerland kind of thug thizzle. I found this hard to believe. so over the past few weeks I’ve hounded Ruby for the pictures. Yesterday she came through in charming style with a host of information about the man they call santa and his elf crew dem.



I get a train up the mountain that takes 50 minutes and you get off at the top and there is snow and a reindeer and then you go down a long long long fairy lit tunnel with fake polar bears and then you get to the grotto. So funny! then there is a little red outift little red hat then a lady does makeup of snowflakes on your face!!

The first is the view from the little train window, that takes you 2000m up the mountain.

The second is, if you look to the top left, the mountain has three dark windows, this is where i work.

The third is the entrance, to the long fairy lit tunnel, that takes you through the mountain.

The fourth and the fifth are, further on in the tunnel, drawings and foam animals cut out and stuck to the mountain wall(?!) like cave snow paintings.

The Grotto

Outside of pere noels bureux where he greets the children!

the inside of the bureux and  all the childrens letters to santa!

the view I look at all day

GUESS WHO!!!! Motorcycle Santa, made me sit on his knee…


You damn right, i would too Ruby. I would too.

Merry fucking christmas biatches!!



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