CHatroulette = Phenomenon by G∇RNT∑∀⨇
January 25, 2010, 5:56 pm
Filed under: Crack Stevens

During the week I go and hangout with some buddies i haven’t seen in a while. I’ve been gone for a minute so i figure i’m gonna use this time back to see my homies and what has happened in the months gone. We go to the pub and catch some jokes, i tell them about my 4 months in America and they tell me how things haven’t really changed. They are just a different variation of themselves. We both some smoke guimesses and drink some cigarettes then my homie goes home and i go back to the sofa i currently reside on.

However I keep thinking of something she mentioned to me, Chatroulette. The whole while i don’t get it? It’s a website that you see someone’s picture for a second then spin and get another person. I ask all the sensible questions like do you get perverts on it and do girls get their tits out and that? To all of which the answers are yes! Still I do not indulge in it. A few days later my homie has a picture on his facebook profile of a hideously fat/grotesque black chick and i figure okay I have to give this a go. Here is what I found.

A few eye level shots of a bunch of guys beating their dicks, prepubescent boys laying in dark rooms looking like they are under the covers avec bedlight, many screen shots for flash your tits for Haiti, Many people without cameras who wanted to chat with young men like myself, not many women or a few sensible enough to be in groups so as to share in the visual rape they would encounter and many people just as curious as i was. I took some screen shots and they get pretty weird. I’ll be on there a bit i imagine and i’ll try and bring you the most fucked up shit i can find. Maybe i’ll even bump into you.

Best Photos found

That’s my this dude is really fucking up the blowup doll face?

More after the jump

That’s my i get it but why would u bother face?

That’s our oh shit! that cant be real face!

That’s my 50 spins later and he is till fucking the same doll?


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Over 50 sites like chat-roulette, looks pretty promising.


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