April 22, 2010, 4:45 pm
Filed under: Convergence, Crack Stevens, Sounds


Our homie, our lovers and our friends over at UNDERWATERTIGER have launched an EP. All be it, it is one hale of the tigers, the big guy Teej. He’s been away in Japan and my nigga Penfold has defniately got a lot of good things to say about Teej’s effort. And i quote from our late night bed conversations (If it sounds gay , it’s because it is!) “Teej’s stuff is billiant” End quote. Thats all i remember I was too busy staring into Penfold dreamy eyes to care about the hungry kids in Africa or whatever he was saying.

Anyway here is the “Thirst EP” which is made up of 4 fascinating tracks. The music they make always inspires me. Although i secretly feel to dumb to articulate about it! To take it from them it sounds like ” Glitchy drum programming and squelchy layered synths” and “a sun ravaged beach covered in snow”. There is a limited 100 CD made. So hurry before I buy them all just so I can make a huge mural of Penfold naked and covered in my jungle juice!!



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