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May 7, 2010, 3:37 pm
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Tim&Barry were and will always be favourites of mine. They would always be my first points of contact when grime was still a bit unfashionable. I knew them for their youtube channel but when I delved in a little more discovered they were photographers and really good ones at that. I have probably watched all their grime videos on youtube and I think they are responsible for bringing many artists to the fore and are still doing so now. I see them as pioneers who really helped one of Britons most relevant sounds. Luckily they were kind enough to entertain my questions and let me know what they are most excited about. Their next venture is a night called Just Jam at the Alibi on Kingsland High Street. Where MC’s and DJ’s can come down and jump on the microphone while Tim&Barry steam it all live on their channel
How did you guys meet and decide on working together?
T&B- We met at the london college of printing, in 1997, where we were
studying photography. tim started assisting a photographer called Mark
Lebon in the 2nd year and invited me along to help out on a shoot. we
continued to assist Mark for the next couple of years and realized on
shoots we worked well together, bringing our own different skills to the
When was the first time you worked together?
T&B-Tim got a commission from Id magazine just as we were finishing our
degrees and said did i want to do the shoot with him. we came up with a
concept for the shoot and it went from there.
What influenced you guys to start shooting grime videos?
T&B-we always approach projects saying what do we not want to do. we
were bored of the sterile mtv mimed videos. we grew up on programs like
the word, dance energy and rapido, these were great places to watch new
exciting live music, everything was a little unpolished and raw.
it was this energy that we both remember. so when we came  to making
videos we wanted our videos to have that same sort of feel. Why when
with artists like tempa t jme and skepta would you want to
get them to mime when you can shoot a video with them mceeing while you
are having a snowball fight!!
Do you have to adopt a good cop bad cop attitude?
T&B -from time to time, when we have to. not sure whos the good cop though lol.
There is a very guerilla attitude to you guys which is evident in your
work do you think thats a fair reflection of your work ethic?
T&B- we believe that the content is the key. if you wait till you can afford
the lastest bit of equiptment, by the time you can afford it the moment
that you want to capture has gone. it is much better to use what you
have or borrow and build from there and develop you ideas.
How did you manage to bring so much under Don’t watch that Tv?
T&B-we had been talking about starting our own video streaming website
for a while and as we were telling our friends about it, like Ben Drury,
Jean Charles de Castlebajac and the PWBC boys, they said that they would
like to have a channel on the site so we decide to ask a few more people
who were making video content and it went from there, most people who
have a channel on the site are not video makers by trade but had started
in a similar way to us.
What project are you most excited about?
T&B-Just Jam, it is our new live streaming show, every wednesday,
8-10pm. we have talked about doing this project for
a couple of years now,like with alot of what we do it’s playing with a couple
of different things- jam as in to relax and jam as in jam session
we wanted to do a show where artists are invited to come down & collaborate in a spontaneous way
dj’s (not just grime but dubstep,bassline, funky & bashment)
mcees, singers & writers performing and be interviewed.
Why stream the night live as opposed to just running a club night?
T&B- we wanted to do something more creative and performance based than a normal club night- although you can come & watch the show being filmed, for free, between 8-10pm @ the alibi 91 kingsland high st, then you can catch us & resident dj motive between 10-2am free all night so come down.

Where can we see more of you?
T&, new videos everyday.

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