eyesores = xavier gallego by G∇RNT∑∀⨇
June 16, 2010, 1:51 pm
Filed under: Celebrating life, Convergence, Crack Stevens

So last night after 3 hours of football with a bunch of Americans I’m invited (when i say invited i imposed) over to  a bbq with like 6 different animals being thrown unto and unforgiving grill (my contribution was the beer i bought and drunk. Spanish hombre turns up and we get chatting football and basketball (largely due to the fact im pretty baked at this point). Largely based around this clip “Anything is posssssiiiiiibbbbbblllllleeeeee” aww KG bless your shiney bald head. Then I see these cute little animations on his computer and it turns out he made a facebook application called eyesores and he’s just got a massive following from there. Cue interviews from the most random places like his interview for Turkish TV??

It was pretty dope to just riddle him with a shit tonne of questions. It all seemed pretty fun. I normally hate facebook applications and even accepting friends because they are wanty and needy and always wanna fucking chat when you’ve been on the chat thing for like a second. Anyway what i’m trying to say is check out EYESORES, fuckers. His animations are coming along aswell. watch videos after the jump.


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