June 23, 2010, 2:45 am
Filed under: Celebrating life, Crack Stevens, Distant Lands

Stayed with friends on 85th and Madison

Looked out the window loads

enjoyed some sweet hospitality

and home cooking although i was a rubbish house guest

I shot a sound check of 1st aid kit with the awesome Moogiem for Tripwire

First Aid Kit, Moogiem, Tripwire

Grover for Moogiem

Kicked it @EVR with Deadly Dragon Sound


Queen Magesty

Scratch Famous

Then I went and watched Simon Amstel with Frankie and Alby

Main visiting purpose was to watch my African Family getting down

for my brothers wedding, this was my tux


Watched Zola Jesus with Rob, Miguel and Julianne

Zola Jesus

On my last night I went with friends to see Talib Kweli and his friends

Talib Kweli

Jean Grae and her moms kilt it

Jean Grae

Statick Selectah Kilt it even more

Statick Selectah

We drank the night away mofuckers di end.


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