Yamaha + Nikki Pt 2 + Abyss = The Dream by G∇RNT∑∀⨇
June 30, 2010, 5:46 pm
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There is a lot of fucking music I’m starting to like namely RnB. Don’t get it twisted I love RnB but just nothing new but over the last month I’ve become a fan of Chris “I punched Rihanna in the face” Brown and his bad-boy villain attitude. The crying during his MJ performance is still a bit I don’t know…”DESPERATE” but kudos. Now it seems I’m slowly warming to the Dream. Lord knows I shouldn’t have bothered pressing play on this 12 minute+ video but I did. The first tune yamaha I really liked as it made me want to have sex with a bike. The second tune Nikki wasn’t my favorite, all I could think it this fat fuck is shagging Christina “dip it low” Milian and as for the last tune Abyss everyone likes a good revenge break up song. Something reminds me in the First of Prince and in the last of Justin Timberlakes’ Cry me a river. Which we all fucking liked initially if you say thats a lie you should go jump off a bridge. But yeah lets see what he comes up with next although I know that once I’m a fan it’s reputably hard to lose my affections. THREE VIDEO SANDWICH ANYONE?

Via 2dopeboyz


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lol sheesh! Tell me how u really feel about The Dream, lol. Speaking of C. Brown…Gimmie ur opinion on this:

Comment by MsOfficer

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