July 6, 2010, 7:32 pm
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I got put unto Deerbrains a lickle while ago, when I was working for another online publication which I’m a little more removed and distanced from. No disrespect to those who work there but the heads can do with a course in gratitude, manners and general managment 101. Anyway not to detract from this post, Stephanie and her crew of contributors run a pretty dope blog which covers a lot of photography and illustration. We’ve had this interview in the pipeline for a few months now and I did one in return on their blog. I’m not really good with interviews so I just wrote a whole lotta shit. Peep it here and also check their blog on the regz. Gonna put the up on our Cuban Linx so frequent the gal dem.

Name? Who are you?
Stephanie, A 23 year old dreamer, blogger, procrasinator and lover.

What record (or records) is/are stuck in your head right now?
Chase and Status – “Pieces” I’ve just got back from Wireless Festival and my mind, body and soul just wants to be back in the park with sick bands.
I always find myself singing ‘Telephone’ by Beyonce and Lady GaGa too.

What is your favourite new music genre?
I really cannot answer that as I completely love all genres of music and no particular one is ever my current fav my playlist ranges from Kid Cudi, Vera Lynn, GG Allin, Will Smith, Weezer, No Doubt, She & Him, Johnny Cash followed by a bit of 5ive and Suicide File. I love it all and I cannot stand people who are not open to loving new and old songs from all different genres. C’mon peeps! Lifes too short to be close minded and anal about things. I must say though I am not a fan of the Sugababes or Taylor Swift…Hmmmm.

Where were you doing 24 hours ago?
Listening to Lily Allen kill it at Wireless Festival. I love a girl who has her own mind and isn’t afraid to stick up for what she believes in. I also relate to her lyrics 100% I think Lily is fantastic.

Who or what is tingling your loins at the moment?
Dash Snow always makes me tingle, that man was such a creative, beautiful, tragic talent and even though I never knew him personally I followed him and his work very closely and was devestated when I heard he died last year. I miss him.

Standard after-party bopping-home munch?
McDonalds Cheese burger! To be honest I started drinking when I was 13 and I think I’ve partied myself out…

Whats in your pockets right now?
My BlackBerry.
Lip Balm that my sister got me from Anthropolige in NYC it’s amazing.
Chewing Gum – I’m such a gum fiend.

Who was the main character in your most frequent re-occurring nightmare?
I haven’t had a nightmare in a while, but I used to always have the same one when I was little of the Marshmallow man that was in one of the Ghostbusters and Edward Scissorhands…they both chased me and my sister down the street and the Marshmellow man expoloded on us when Edward Scissorhands had
poked him when they had a fight :(. I want to love Ghostbusters and Edward Scissorhands but considering I had hot sweats and would wake up at least twice a week from these nightmares I just can’t!

How do you like you eggs in the morning?
Poached on malt brown bread with pepper! Best.

Superpowers: Fly or Invisibility?
Invisibility, be amazing to perv on hot babes right…?

What have you thought about way too much this week?
My life! Sad but true but I’m 23, still living at home and even though I’ve got some good freelance shit coming through and I work within a good marketing
company I still want more! I’ve been thinking alot about new and exciting things I can do like see some rad hot babe bands…or travel a bit. Unfortnatly bills come first.

What is deerbrains?
Deer Brains is a blog that I started in January 2010. I’ve wanted to showcase all my inspirations and loves and pull three others in with me to show people all the best design, typography, photography, hype, music and anything else we consider to be ‘cool’. It’s something that I’ve wanted to do for years ever since I saw ‘It’s Nice That’ and started studying design.

Who contributes to it?
We have two ladies, myself and Sofi and two males Sean and Tom. We all come from creative backgrounds, Sofi was once part of fashion store Donuts, Sean works within Urban Industry as well as BMXing, photography and design and Tom’s specialities are photography and BMXing. Because we are all so god damn busy we’ve managed to line up a few guest bloggers to post reviews, intereviews and general stuff. I’ve literally just received an e-mail from a guy called Rich who seems very involved and knowledgable within the blogging world, he works with Dig BMX, RideUK and CASE magazine so pretty excited to see what he’s going to produce for us.

Where do you source the people you feature on there?
I’m constantly online trawling websites and I always just manage to find some really great stuff…My main source of inspiration is ‘It’s Nice That’. Stuff also comes from my creatives and talented friends, Tumblr, Flickr.

Whats the future for you guys?
We do this for fun and for the LOVE so anything else that comes our way is a massive bounus. It would be fantastic to start making money from it and step it up another level but for now with us all being so busy with actual jobs and our lives it’s just something that we just want to share and nuture. We’ve only been online 7 months and we’ve already had a massive reaction from some great companies such as Don’t Panic, Vice, Vitamin Water, Swell Vintage, The Daily Street etc. Even bloody Daisy Lowe tweeted us!!! We are just excited to see what naturally happens 🙂

Have you got any big plans or collaborative efforts coming up in the next few months?
We’ve got some pins being designed at the moment which we’ve got a really talented collage design artist involved with that I’m pretty excited about. We’ve just held a competition for VIP tickets to Cornbury Festival courtesy of Vitamin Water which was pretty big for us. I’ve got a few ideas in my head of who I want to contact for possible collaborations but it’s just making that step and finding the time to e-mail people.
To get at holla @:


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