Felix Hall + Oi Polloi = Monday Mixtape #2 by G∇RNT∑∀⨇
November 29, 2010, 7:04 pm
Filed under: Sounds

Big man like Felix hall come through with this mix for Oi Polloi November mash and pea ting. Peep the jump for tracklist.

The Monday Mixtape #2 – 51 minutes of musical wickedness, all courtesy of the one Felix Hall. Felix is tour dj for The Specials and also a regular selector at London’s top reggae revival session – Trash & Ready.

His father’s band were leaders in the UK’s second-wave Ska movement, Felix however is very much a child of the 80s… The tunes on this mix being a killer combination of rootikal rub-a-dub and digikal dancehall, from the decade those styles rose to the forefront of Jamaica’s musical output.

All played off original vinyl pressings – there’s some rare bits on here… more importantly though – it’s all ace.” –  Oi Polloi

1. Trevor Junior – Title – 7″ Sunset
2. One A Way – Sufferer – 7″ Route 54
3. Little John – False News – 7″ Hitbound
4. Barrington Levy – Jah Black – The Posse vol.2 LP, UpTempo
5. Flick Wilson – Two Youths Have A Quarrel – 7″ Kulumi
6. Steve Knight – Robber Man – 7″ Ridim Force
7. Steve Knight – Woman A Problem – 7″ Thunderbolt
8. Trevor Junior – Tidal Wave – 7″ Youth Promotion
9. Puddy Roots – Stray Away Girl – 7″ Fantastique Records
10. Frankie Wilmot – I Won’t Give Up – 7″ King Culture
11. Robert Ffrench – Youthman – 12″ Mesjam
12. Papa Ritchie – Stop Botha – 12″ Youth Vibration
13. Danny Coxson – President Botha – 12″ Gem Star
14. Courtney Melody – Cook Food – 7″ Ujama
15. Donovan – Tek Life – 7″ Photographer
16. Mr Marvelous – Blessed Is He – 12″ Jahman
17. Andy Irie & GG – Too Much Fighting – 7″ Sunlight
18. Singie Singie & Talking Robot – Ease – 7″ Turbo Crew
19. Everton Blender – Blend Dem – 7″ Rhythem Track
20. Teddy Irie – We Rule The Border – 7″ Harry J
21. Little Howie – Strange Things – 7″ Blue Trac
22. Horace Martin – Give Me The Vives – 12″ Music Track
23. Horace Martin – Hackle Me Body – 7″ Sunset Records
24. Tony Roach – Entertainer – 7″ Rhythem Track
25. Anthony Selassie – Busy Body – 12″ Rhythem Track
26. Cojo Reid – Champion Don – 7″ Frontline
27. White Mice – Dally Stylie – 7″ Tuffest Vibes
28. Danny Coxson – Hustling – 12″ Gem Star
29. Steve Knight – Raggamuffin Soldier – 7″ Ridim Force


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Comment by Bryan Robson'sliver

Dis is a wicked set me main man, white boy Felix.

Gonna give dis a spin whilst tooting me stick black, ya know, tis true, tis true.

Comment by Fuzzy Dunlop

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Comment by Zorg

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Comment by fannybanter

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Comment by marlo

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Comment by crumps

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Comment by dontdopeas

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Comment by Sparky

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Comment by Scar

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Comment by newsie

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Comment by Red @rmy

wassup guyz am new sheriff in ted issue so i need some peoples so that we can talk about reggae biznez amaaa.

Comment by Ginners

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Comment by Saffers

Ah ay youse lot. Don be snidey on felix la, he’s boss on the decks. YNWA

Comment by Tufty

When can I go home albert?

Comment by Maddie McCann

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Comment by Ether

Please let me come to Curry Night, I have no friends and it would mean the world to me. Thanks guys.

Comment by Sullers

My dog died of a gammy ballbag. These bangin’ tunes will cheer me up bruv. Sick.

Comment by dontdopeas

Mans loves dis ma honky with love from big conky.

Comment by Sullers

I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone tackle the oldies like sullers did on the Curry Night thread.

Made them all look stupid.

Fantastic bit of posting and its why I’m always happy he’s back.

Comment by armchair

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Comment by Pure

I’m hoping to take over from armchair when the gaffer retires.

Comment by sloppy

Cool mix. Makes me feel a bit rapey tbf.

Comment by stubbsy

Its not my fault im a paki.

Comment by Ginners

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Comment by PaulParkersPubes

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Comment by fixuplooksharpe

Goood mix, me and me cell mate have been chilling all day to this.

Comment by red @rmy

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Comment by Ether

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did anyone see me on club reps on ITV?(im on the left btw)

Comment by ginners

Hello, I’m a failed PR consultant, would you like some help Felix? contact me at my office (mummys house)

Comment by Michael White

Good brand of Rapport going on here

Comment by I know you secrets

Cats like Felix take it right up the shit pipe.

I can smoke fags through my arse crack y know.

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To be sure to be sure dont come around to my forum and PM my brothers Felix, i will fuck you up honky jew boy.

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Dont worry Ginners i will get to the bottom of this wink wink

Comment by Red@rmy

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Comment by Newsie

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Comment by No Fun

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Comment by elcalafate

See ya Ed

Comment by Delparko

Silence is Therapeutic

Comment by Delparko

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Comment by HappyCamper

I’ve totally fooled Sullers!

Comment by Red Army/Del Parko

I’m going to smash Felix’s face into the Wailing Wall.

Comment by Idi Amin

btw all, I’m gay

Comment by Red @rmy

Hi it’s me waynes ears fuckers

Comment by Delparko

I wank over spacemen but pretend I am hard by swearing a lot on the internet.

in real life they put me in goals

Comment by waynes ears

I agree with whatever has been said on here by the cooler posters. i used to have opinions of my own but they were shit and everyone ripped the piss out of me so now I find refuge in smileys.

Comment by magic cantona

fuck all of you. jealous of my french-jamaican jewish arab roots.

i follow my old man’s team. up the cov!

Comment by felix

I use to play football at a decent level, you know?

Comment by PaulParkersPubes

5,693rd day in front of my computer screen…. life …. a distant memory……

Comment by Sloppy

I’m blacker than Lenny Henry.

Comment by Felix Hall

I have smothered mother. Freedom at last………………………………………………………………………………………………… I’ll just have a taste

Comment by Cream/Reem

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