Ninjasonik + Spank Rock = Global by G∇RNT∑∀⨇





Probably the best I’ve heard Ninjasonik flow for a while!


1. #AKIntro
2. #NinjaPerogative Ft. Bobby Brown
3. #SuperPower
4. #PartyPooper Ft. SB, NineLives The Cat & Johnny Nelson
5. #MollyRingwald
6. #WeDontGiveaFuck Ft. Trouble Andrew, Johnny Nelson & NineLives The Cat
7. #AkMurdaSaysYourMomGotAKrushOnMe
8. #OMG Ft. Lil B
9. #FuckYouRemix
10. #PleaseHangUp Ft. Johnny Nelson
11. #PartyTimeExcellent Ft. Hollywood Holt & Johnny Nelson
12. #AkMurdaSaysFullTimeJob
13. #Pharmacy Ft. Ease da man, Members Only & Johnny Nelson
14. #AkMurdaSaysImMalcolmX
15. #BornFreeRemix Ft. M.I.A, & Johnny Nelson
16. #Global Ft. Spank Rock
17. #FuckOutTheWay
18. #AkMurdaSaysNinjacard
19. #BloodyMary Ft. Starcity
20. #InternetBitchRemix ft. Spank Rock & johnny Nelson
21. #DoDoDo Ft. Randy Beerz
22. #WeDontGiveaFuckZap!Pow!Die!Remix
23. #BarsReligionRemix
24. #AkOutro

Executive Producer: Aahmek Richards
Producer: Jahphet “Roofeeo” Landis
Mixed By: Dan Walker
Mastered by: Ghostdad
Cover Art By: jack McRory
Photo by: Brock Fetch



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