Ghostpoet = Survive It by G∇RNT∑∀⨇

Saw this dude last night at the boilerroom but sadly no P.A. Still he dropped some decent tunes. Havent really got the concept of musicians DJing. I think it’s a bit of a con and disrespectful to actual Dj’s. But what the bluuurdclot do I know. This video is a lot more mellow than his last tune about being drunk or whatever. Still it works because it’s simple, consistently dark and seems he has a mystically never-ending cup of coffee. I think when the bigwig record labels catch unto it Ghostpoet will have the potential to be massive. Then again he might just be a run of the mill 300 views on youtube type guy. Who knows eh? who fucking knows. Guilty pleasure it that the director is tagged as unknown which I think is humbling. I always big up directors but often enough they big up themselves. Don’t believe you’re hype. Stream Ghostpoest album here


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