visions.18 + Konogo mix = Gotham Kafé by G∇RNT∑∀⨇

My favourite streetwear brand just up and left a couple of years ago. But I found their new project a few months back called Visions.18 and or Konogo Mix. It’s largely encompassing art, graphic design and what seems to be nature. They do have some snapbacks they were shotting a few months ago under the moniker VILLIONARE but they probably got tired of the whole street wear thing. I dunno maybe they didn’t? Maybe their internet kept cutting out or someone got a better job or fell off the fucking planet or maybe maybe is a really stupid thing to keep on maybeing and making up shitty alternatives because i really know diddly squat shit about what im talking about (probably how sean combs feels about all his rubbish names). It’s kinda hard to de-chiper who is doing what in their art house movement. Either way it’s refreshing to know A.L.I.E.N NYC havent just fucked off to outer space to butt fuck E.T. THey are still around and the universe is a lot fucking solar swagstem for it.

More at the V.LOG


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