Noisses + Run Like Elle = Marathon Mix by G∇RNT∑∀⨇


Anyone of sound health stupid enough to run a fucking marathon for personal reasons or charity in my opinion doesn’t really deserve a penny. I’ll give u money if you run it in fancy dress or naked or if you are fat or disabled (not sure how that works). Or if you’ll be performing some kind of activity whilst running the fucking thing. Otherwise you’re an idiot. I dont care how much the kids in East Bengal need the money or how much a new well cost in Kenya. It’s not a sensible thing to do. Why dont you go and picket a bank or some rich philanthropist to just give u money or throw a rave or a cake sale. Something where we all benefit rather than making us worry about you and whether you’ll be the next crawl victim. Nuff said, Noisses smashes it! Good luck to the girl. She should watch this before she runs as motivation!


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Watched it. Ran it. Smashed it. Thanks for the support gurners! x

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