Swindle = Mood swings by G∇RNT∑∀⨇

Love this tune, anything that warns that you may potentially fucking die is pretty exciting! I almost wish I had a mild case of photosensitive epilepsy. But I don’t and this video didn’t even remotely make me wink. It’s an illustrators dream. Basically being given free reign to do what you want and the director and illustrator delivers. I am kinda annoyed that people are using free mason imagery without really knowing what it implies (maybe he does but he obviously doesn’t. Because why he is brandishing it about like a fucking moron). Sorta like it’s a private members club we all wanna be apart of but are definitely not gonna be invited too, EVER. Still it’s creative for an instrumental and engaging enough that you’d watch it through to the end. I just hope the free mason society aren’t getting peeved with all the free advertising and cross promotion. Look at what the fuck Jay-z has started (unto the next one video). Look back at the video in a week and see if people are timelining the fucking thing with signs and symbols telling us that 02:29 means -“the eye in her head symbolizes a bodily rash which ejaculates little people from outerspace called brian” Yeeah!! What?? Exactly.

Big up swindle! Artwork & animation by Mr. Tit (Karimo & BDID)


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