No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no what the fuck are they all collectively smoking?? Youngturks included? Just when you throw your faith in someone they go for being underground to working to the most commercial rap act on the planet pre-odd future. This is just sloppy, cheap and desperate. It’s like someone associated with this track or Drake heard it there was chance meeting and it was like “Oh I have an idea why dont you vocal what is probably the best tune out at the moment so we can get a more generic crowd to endorse this“. FUCKING TACKY. What a shame I really don’t like cussing people but what I do cuss is try hards and this has it written all over it. One or both sides is trying to be very relevant and by doing this remix which is exactly the same but for the allowance of Drakes rubbish intro. WHOEVERS IDEA THIS IS SHOULD SLAP THEMSELVES WITH A BROKEN BOTTLE. Still you can be the judge.


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