>>>TOP 5 VIDEOS INTRO<<< by G∇RNT∑∀⨇

Hey fuckers!! I’m curating a front page player on DONT WATCH THAT TV for a month.

So I decided to contact those, whose work I find interesting/ inspiring and my own creations.

Watch out for who I’ll get to do next weeks top 5.


Videos after Jump

This video changed my life for the better. It was the most provocative thing I’d ever heard and seen. I used to listen to gospel and Elvis before this! After this I lost my faith, started smoking weed and tried to fuck fat bitches.

What can I say about this video that probably hasn’t been said already? Lets try this, it showed me that as a black male individual riddled with a quest for identity that it was okay to be different. That the blueprint for how we all dressed as 90’s hip hop kids didn’t have to be conventional and fit a stereotype. I’ll always love this video.

I thought and still think everything about this video is magic. The costumes, narrative and pacing all equate to making the song better for me. Sometimes I think it would be better to just make videos for instrumentals. This video made me want to make my own videos basically.

So my homie ▽nkown ShΔpes dropped an EP earlier this year. I banged that shit over and over again for a couple of days. Till one night I thought of this idea. I basically wanted to fullfil my fantasy of becoming a writer. I explained the idea to my friend who thought I was talking jibberish. So I said fuck it, I gathered my last £5 together and bought a couple of marker pens, collected a whole load of bottles and glass and used my roommates mustard.

This in my opinion is one of the best hip hop videos ever made period. Mainly because it was when Hype Williams was still fearless and thinking outside the box. It’s like Hype Williams on film, dirty, raw and creative. Then he moved to digital and got all money orientated, clean and clinical. Nah don’t like that! There not much to say about this but that Busta Rhymes early videos were a collection of some of the best music video work ever especially as they matched his character perfectly and more or less made him a household name.


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