>>>RUBY PSEUDO TOP 5<<< by G∇RNT∑∀⨇

This weeks TOP 5 is brought to you by the good people at youth consultancy firm Ruby Pseudo. Thanks a lot for coming through guys. Find out what videos they chose as the week unfolds. So yeah that one video a day, lets not get greedy now!


Some back(ish) in the day shit from Stutta ft Jammer which should be played louder than an evening in Helmand province. Big look until 2min19secs in where it all goes a bit moody but we llow that because the proceeding 2min 18secs are HAM.

If you are aged 23-32 years of age I defy you to not feel emotional about this. No idea what acid veteran came up with this intro but thank fuck for him/her, a Spotty man, cosmic dust, magic clouds and mother nature; you brought us so much happiness.

The one on the right is definitely THE guy.”

Ok so the Palace boys are doing aiight at the moment but they’re slipping compared to this G from back in 1978. Game by the pound.

“The trailer from the still unreleased Lo-Life documentary. The ‘Lo Lifes’ were a group of 50/60 young men mainly from New York who had a large obsession with the Ralph Lauren label in the late 80′s and early 90′s. Status was based around who had the largest, rarest Polo collection. They didn’t always pay for it though.They still meet up today.”


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