CHLLNGR = Ask For by G∇RNT∑∀⨇

Met the very humble CHLLNGR last weekend and got sent his LP a few days later. I didn’t listen to it though because I was in the midst of a sex fueled get away weekend with my future wife. However now that I have resurfaced not only is Drake is trying to steal everyones girlfriends (when drunk) but CHLLNGRs’ LP “HAVEN” is pretty fucking dope. I expected more base, more thump and a bit of distortion. Instead I was met by a body of work which is very composed and included light vocals and a mature electronic sound. I’ve decided not to compare people to other people anymore but he lives in scandinavia. And for how pretty those people are and their surroundings they make some pretty airy creepy music. “Haven” isn’t necessarily creepy but its electronic music to make you look behind you if your on a lonely walk home. It’ll be okay though he didn’t seem the rapey type. I on the other hand will rape every generation of female in your family!! STAY AWAY! – But check out the lead single “Ask For” and get “HAVEN” it comes out in on July 5th on Green Owl. I’m not a fucking music critic but i’ll eat two sunday roast beef before you eat one – FACT! – MORE HERE


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