Not only is LIL B one of the greatest he is also the bravest. In a day and age where the black community in particular are violently homophobic and still as ignorant as any other race and creed who think being Gay is wrong. BasedGod may or not be addressing the homophobia in the black community or in any community as a matter of fact but the ignoramuses will still believe that this is some “fag swag rap”. In my opinion it’s bigger that it’s addressing a subject mater through his album title that needs to be dialogued and thats not just being actually gay but having the strength and freedom of mind to say whatever you want without caring about repercussions. I think this is now the generation we are, this is the generation we have been raised to be. If his album cover only serves to do that then thats good on him whether as a publicity stunt or as something a litte deeper. Inciting people to challenge the fact that a black rapper or any rapper for that fact called his album “I’m Gay” irrespective of the connotations. Regardless though LIL B dropped his album with no leaks, on Itunes and for his fans on twitter for free. Now I dont know if b is signed but his record company most be fucking having collective brain tumors over that shit. ♥F♡REVER BASED!


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