Who run the world? BOYS? by G∇RNT∑∀⨇

Becoming ever increasingly obsessed with doing things the right way and staying as noble to a cause or an idea as one can have means I’ve tried to neglect commercial music as much as possible. I hardly watch telly, listen to the radio once a week and don’t read newspapers or magazines. In-fact I’ve been more drawn to people and ideas. I tried to quit facebook but as a tool driven by my generation haven’t quite been able to effectively leave. Twitter I enjoy because it’s entertaining but it gives me access to what it is that I yearn for, PEOPLE. Contact, communication and connection. The internet is now my home. It’s instant access to wherever my mind takes me. It allows me to study and research. From images to videos to porn to clothes.

The other day watching Beyonce at Glastonbury made me realize how iconic a moment that was. Sure we may have all taken it for granted but she is in effect and in time will become the most important performer for our generation. Like Michael Jackson she was born to do this but due to her being very disciplined she may never show signs of outright loopyness. I just fell in love with her again because I watched a documentary on her new album which I have no interest in listening to. But I liked the segment about dance. How she insisted on finding, enlisting and bringing in a group of dancers from Mozambique she remembered from a video to teach her their routine. The kwaito dance group “Tofo Tofo”. Not sure how their lives may be affected from this but I hope for the better and I loved the fact they didn’t even know who she was when they first met. She done good by them.


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