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Comment by bibomedia

Sending the latest on Downtown Records upcoming Femi Kuti album Day By Day; the record will be released on their new imprint Mercer St Records November 18.

video preview for the album available for posting:


Comment by Chris Mooney

Had a link over to you guys for a while. Cos I think ur great and your name is just … topical. Would be great if yah could link back to us. Same shit different address…kinda.


Comment by Bear

took a while but linking you now!

Comment by crackstevens

I’m a 1st year brighton illustration student, have a lot of spare time at the moment, love your blog just contacting you to ask if theres anyway i can get involved with events your puttin on etc.
monique jackson

Comment by paintitbeige

yeah thats cool, whats you’re email address? send us a message to

Comment by crackstevens

Wadduupp. Ima 16 year old mc and a frequent visitor of this site.Please check out my new mixtape Im positive youll dig it.If you do, feel free to show some support and post it for me

Comment by Dumbo L.O.C

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