Dubbeldutch = Slow Mix by G∇RNT∑∀⨇

I realize i didnt say a proper goodbye, So this is the best way I could say it. I have loved doing this blog for the last few years. Now I don’t anymore. I’ve moved house. I’m over on come say hi!… thanks for following Thanks for caring. Thanks for everything. I’ll leave this up as a relic to cyberspace but this is my final post. So as goodbyes go there are only so many available downloads on this mix. I think it’s fitting as a musical summary of what this blog has meant to me. The people, the jokes, the music. I loved every minute. I’m crackstevens. I like to party and I love you for reading this. BRIGHTON, UK STAND UP TALL! WE DID THIS!!

This is the best thing I’ve heard all year, better than any album, better than any mix better, than all the sex I’ve had (almost). This mix is colossal. There is a down load limit so you best get it quick time. If you don’t agree with me and you know me please delete me from your life, please. Met dubbeldutch the other night and had I heard this before I met him I woulda geeked the fuck out.


Unkle Crack over and out. xoxo


the life of a war photgrapher by G∇RNT∑∀⨇

Adam Ferguson, Afghanistan

Alvaro Ybarra Zavala, Congo

Lynsey Addario, Libya

João Silva, Afghanistan

Greg Marinovich, Soweto

Saul Schwarz, Haiti

Eric Bouvet, Chechnya

Mads Nissen, Libya

Gary Knight, Iraq

Julie Jacobson, Afghanistan

My good friend wants to be an army photographer, at one point in my life I wanted to be an army photographer. Namely after I fucked up my first year of uni. In some ways I wish I’d have gone for it because you’d get to see some landscapes and images that no other human other than those in the army would ever get to see. More importantly you’d be able to capture that moment and share it with the rest of the world. In other ways I’m glad I didn’t because I was afraid that I might die or lose a limb. I’m not really scared of death anymore I think there is beauty and virtue in dying when your doing something you love. I’ve got a lot more living to do first but when it’s my turn it’s my turn. These pictures are taken in the midst of serious situations where people are revolting of just trying to stay alive. Fuck you and your fashion photography, fuck you and your landscape photography and fuck you who complains about the turmoils of being a model stating that was a hard day of work. SALUTE to those who capture moments that 95% would be too scared to even pull out a camera. You inspire the real. MORE HERE

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“Once Upon a Time in New York” by G∇RNT∑∀⨇

“The Birth of Hip Hop, Disco & Punk”

This should be entitled the birth of what was to influence us for the next few decades an possibly the rest of our lives. Se the good thing about this is it spawned so much good music obviously and dress codes and ultimately some of the best art and artist for about the next few decades. The current one included. But the bad thing is once record companies got ownership of the music they ultimately got ownership of the projections and influenced style through advertising. They tapped into what was organic and pure, ultimately stood for social change got, got into bed with it and spawned loads of retarded babies. Not even babies they spawned a shit load of twins who in turn fucked each other and spawned even more retarded kids who masturbated into their sisters and eventually all that was good about this documentary has all turned to shit. Fuck you if you feel otherwise your just a fucking pawn in this game of incestuous fuckery. Still this is a good watch!

PARTS 2,3 &4 after the jump.

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Gil Scott-Heron Documentary = The Revolution Will Not Be Televised by G∇RNT∑∀⨇



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J is for Junkie [Full Length] by G∇RNT∑∀⨇

Undoubtedly the most compelling thing you’ll see online this month. Well this and lious Theroux child like holiday visit to an American prison. I’ll reserve my comments till I’ve finished watching the whole. thing.

Greedmont TV presents a documentary by Corey Davis on a group crack addicts in Atlanta who live outside in a small cove behind a Texaco, infamously dubbed as the “Living Room.” They share their stories and tell us what it’s like to battle with a deadly addiction to crack-cocaine. “Growing up I never had a father, because he was out running the streets getting high… Right around the time I was born, the mid 80′s, African-American communities across the country was struck by the crack epidemic. Which robbed us our prideful culture and instantly perverted it into a counter-culture where playgrounds became warzones and families were destroyed.”

The Neptunes = “The 8th Planet” by G∇RNT∑∀⨇

Used to want to be Pharrell Williams at the point this shit was made. “In search of” was definitely one of the albums that shaped me as and individual. “The Clones” was a serious hip hop collaborative masterpiece. Everything since has led fans down the road of complacent dribble akin to believing your own hype and losing almost all form of credibility. Niggas used to make beats just on the Neptunes weird samples. They were once the hotest thing in hip hop. Now they sorta only make music to make money. If not where is Star Trak? Where is Fam-Lay, where is Rosco P Coldchain? Why the fuck did the Clipse sign to G.O.O.D music? It’s because the Neptunes got soo caught up with their own stardom and getting model pussy they forgot their mission and largely what they were in search of.