Ease DaMan = Overpartier (We Do Drugs) by G∇RNT∑∀⨇

We were all born different, yet, so many people choose to be the same as everyone else-We can’t all be leaders: Individuality” – Ease DaMan


Safe to say that niggas across the pond are loosing their minds on a global scale but this shit BANGS! And this my fuck-faced friends is a blessing in disguise. I was raised on sesame street so that alone brought me back to this video. But when I seen that dude in a full sized Elmo outfit I’m like dude has to be jokes and he got charisma in a headlock. He is rapping about doing drugs and he previously has grabbed white girl titties. So by that margin – I’m on this ting! I need a one way ticket to 3-D land asap. Drugs cost money grabbing titties is free but when you add the two, anything goes! Add jumpin out of a plane to this and landing on a cloud, BOOM!

>>> STAN STILL TOP 5 <<< by G∇RNT∑∀⨇

Top badaman and T-shirt Champion “Stan Still” has resurrected from the T-shirt party grave to bless Dont Watch That Tv with his Top 5 Videos. His intro video is awesome in typical Stan Still Style. I for one am really looking forward to seeing his top 5 videos over the course of the week. Stay tuned you fucking ninjas! BAW$$E