Dubbeldutch = Slow Mix by G∇RNT∑∀⨇

I realize i didnt say a proper goodbye, So this is the best way I could say it. I have loved doing this blog for the last few years. Now I don’t anymore. I’ve moved house. I’m over on come say hi!… thanks for following Thanks for caring. Thanks for everything. I’ll leave this up as a relic to cyberspace but this is my final post. So as goodbyes go there are only so many available downloads on this mix. I think it’s fitting as a musical summary of what this blog has meant to me. The people, the jokes, the music. I loved every minute. I’m crackstevens. I like to party and I love you for reading this. BRIGHTON, UK STAND UP TALL! WE DID THIS!!

This is the best thing I’ve heard all year, better than any album, better than any mix better, than all the sex I’ve had (almost). This mix is colossal. There is a down load limit so you best get it quick time. If you don’t agree with me and you know me please delete me from your life, please. Met dubbeldutch the other night and had I heard this before I met him I woulda geeked the fuck out.


Unkle Crack over and out. xoxo




So far this guy is average as best, yes it is another weed inspired mixtape. He is kinda what wiz khalifa should be like if he wasn’t a fucking brain dead popcorn bitch! Anyway this kid is from harlem well at least I think he is. It’s fucking 3 am and I cant be bothered to geek out and actually find out! The production is dope though and my best tunes on this shit are probably “purple swag” and “get high”. Never heard of him? Well u will soon enough from your weed-head buddy and shit are u daft you’ve just read a post on the nigga, fuck off what more do I have to do? Whistle the shit out for you? FUCK OFF!