Ease DaMan = Overpartier (We Do Drugs) by G∇RNT∑∀⨇

We were all born different, yet, so many people choose to be the same as everyone else-We can’t all be leaders: Individuality” – Ease DaMan


Safe to say that niggas across the pond are loosing their minds on a global scale but this shit BANGS! And this my fuck-faced friends is a blessing in disguise. I was raised on sesame street so that alone brought me back to this video. But when I seen that dude in a full sized Elmo outfit I’m like dude has to be jokes and he got charisma in a headlock. He is rapping about doing drugs and he previously has grabbed white girl titties. So by that margin – I’m on this ting! I need a one way ticket to 3-D land asap. Drugs cost money grabbing titties is free but when you add the two, anything goes! Add jumpin out of a plane to this and landing on a cloud, BOOM!

Dillon Francis + Diplo + Maluca QUE QUE MALUCA REMIX by G∇RNT∑∀⨇

This shit sounds like a clangy metalic mess but I love this fucking crazy bitch so much that even if she shat on my forehead I probably wouldn’t get that upset with the bull shit she puts out. Still though thats not to say it’s all bull shit most of her stuff is fucking hard bangin. Her China China or whatever it was called mixtape was fucking dope and now that we’re all being driven down a one way street to “Moombathon” by Diplo we’ll soon not even be listening to music anymore instead it’ll just be people on their rooftops doing loads of ketamine and banging metal pipes against gravel rocks. As “The Streets” once exclaimed in a song “Has it come to this? oooohhh oooh ooooh oooohh” Looks like it fucking has. P.s video below is pretty fucking nuttz!

Extreme Ironing by G∇RNT∑∀⨇