The Shining Twins by G∇RNT∑∀⨇

Scoured the internet for videos of these cymbal chimming bitches and this is the best I could do. It really does seem like normal people make the best fucking music. I wouldn’t even call it a poor recording I’d just call it dope because if I ever dragged my saggy-panted wearing ass to one of their shows I’d want it to sound just like this. Oi! Oi! sound engineer take the night off, stay home and fuck your cousin. Let these girls play that shit loud so that the girl next to me cant hear me shouting obscenities right next to her fucking face “I do this because I love you”. The Shining twins are now my joint favourite scarce female group next to crazy band, but they have the upper hand slightly by having a sweet ass video! Up ur game twinny twin twins, love ya bbz. If you want I’ll shoot you a video?!


>>>FERRY GOUW = TOP 5<<< by G∇RNT∑∀⨇

Big up man Like Ferry Gouw creator of the now iconic imagery for MAJOR LAZER. Holler’d at him and he was actually second to send me his vid which is dope. Peep his top 5 vids over this week. Video 1 is AFTER THE JUMP.

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Visuals are better tan Doms’ last video which I abso-fucking-lutely hated. Still though soon enough the Westcoast will be where rap music is at. Why you ask? Because they have the best weed, the best beaches, the best weather and clubs close early so they can all go back home to dodge bullets and write more bangers, init! Directed by The Infamous Green Streets (heard of him? no? me either)

WEST$IDE II 6.28.11


Not my favourite track on the marathon but definitely LA’s tightest rapper in my humble opinion.

Directed by Dan “The Man” Melamid

︻╦╤─ Kreayshawn = Gucci Gucci ︻╦╤─ by G∇RNT∑∀⨇

Believe me I tried really hard not to like this song. I heard it 4 hours ago and was like fuck this shit it’s rubbish. Trashy hood rat bitches trying for some swagrap. Then I went out ate some fried chicken and went to one of my main bitches houses. Chilled for a minute drank some orange juice. We started going back and forth on youtube videos then I couldn’t get this Kreayshawn bitch out of my mind. “Gucci gucci louis louis fendi fendi prada basic wear this so i dont even bother” got me to thinking I actually like this beat and her childish flow. No shit aswell I was having a conversation last night about how you never see bitches wear that earing to nose ring thingy and BOOOM! Also who am I kidding I’d fuck a hood rat so this a win win in my book. I hate basic bitches and donkey punch those dry hoes! CLICK HERE FOR HER KITTY X CHOPPAS MIXTAPE

Directed By: @FUCKZENTIL
Produced By @StrangeCustoms

frankenstein = Rappin ass nigga mixtape by G∇RNT∑∀⨇


This is some D.O.P.E ass fucking D.O.P.E shit!  Frankenstein (I know nothing bout this dude for certain other than he is from LA) Unlike my previous post on Asap Rocky who is a dopleganger for Wiz Khalifa, if Wiz Khalifa could rap (Wiz in reality is a bitches bitch who has a circus haircut!). Frankenstein is more like a kid who wishes he was in OF? (or is in odd future?) but in reality is just inspired by what is going on in LA and is building his own buzz. Not sure who has covered him apart from Cocaine Blunts  but Kid is dope and his friend Mitch sounds like he is constantly drunk. Think Lil B with raps that actually rhyme (love you based god) ! Nuff fucking said if you dont like it eat a priests dick. Mitch is funny as fuck and Frankenstein is honest!

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