the Black lips = new direction by G∇RNT∑∀⨇

I fuckin love these guys

Lil WAYNE = Sorry 4 The Wait Mixtape by G∇RNT∑∀⨇


Bout fucking time too. Wheezy Baby + Lil B on a fucking track BASEDBAWSE!


The Shining Twins by G∇RNT∑∀⨇

Scoured the internet for videos of these cymbal chimming bitches and this is the best I could do. It really does seem like normal people make the best fucking music. I wouldn’t even call it a poor recording I’d just call it dope because if I ever dragged my saggy-panted wearing ass to one of their shows I’d want it to sound just like this. Oi! Oi! sound engineer take the night off, stay home and fuck your cousin. Let these girls play that shit loud so that the girl next to me cant hear me shouting obscenities right next to her fucking face “I do this because I love you”. The Shining twins are now my joint favourite scarce female group next to crazy band, but they have the upper hand slightly by having a sweet ass video! Up ur game twinny twin twins, love ya bbz. If you want I’ll shoot you a video?!

Ease DaMan = Overpartier (We Do Drugs) by G∇RNT∑∀⨇

We were all born different, yet, so many people choose to be the same as everyone else-We can’t all be leaders: Individuality” – Ease DaMan


Safe to say that niggas across the pond are loosing their minds on a global scale but this shit BANGS! And this my fuck-faced friends is a blessing in disguise. I was raised on sesame street so that alone brought me back to this video. But when I seen that dude in a full sized Elmo outfit I’m like dude has to be jokes and he got charisma in a headlock. He is rapping about doing drugs and he previously has grabbed white girl titties. So by that margin – I’m on this ting! I need a one way ticket to 3-D land asap. Drugs cost money grabbing titties is free but when you add the two, anything goes! Add jumpin out of a plane to this and landing on a cloud, BOOM!

OverDoz. = “Pasadena” by G∇RNT∑∀⨇

You know one of those days your so tired, you shit the bed? Well thats how I feel today and quite possibly for al long as I can remember. I’m having a fucking blast though, life is good, upwards and mad creative. Becoming and adult but also a total fucking cocky prick. Accepted I’ve been that all my life but now it’s getting out of control. I have no fear and this frightens me. However sometime your put unto something that for it’s duration takes you back. Back to caveman induced smoking sessions. And just like that ULREKA! Need to get some WEED. Problems solved. LA kids sure do put the fun emphasis back into smoking weed but thats probably why america has the best weed.


Via S E L A S S E


I keep hearing good things about Kendrick Lamar but if I’m honest havent really listened to any of his bodies of work. If there was ever proof in the pudding that if you dont give a girl a good dicking down and treat the keepers right she will leave you for another dude. Who is probably fairer skinned, got a better dress sense and ultimately might either be very emotionally in-touch or have a vagina. Fuck you for not treating her right Fuck you idiot-hole! Signed the rest of us x

Dir by


Love this fuck demon nigga, when I’m in the right mood it’s like nigga reads my mind. Wish he had some actual visuals though. SPACE GHOST PURP remember the fucking name!

I love his “FUCK TAYLOR GANG” shout at the end.